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Monday, October 17, 2016

How Has the Male Escort Industry Changed Since Its Biggest Website Was Shut Down?

(Brooklyn, New York) Last Friday, Jeffrey Hurant pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution. He was the final defendant on a lawsuit against his website,—the largest website on the internet for gay male escorts, according to the US Justice Department—after six employees under him at Easy Rent Systems, Inc. had been removed from the suit this February.

Some say the lawsuit is an attack on a marginalized group, and for those escorts who used Rentboy to vet and communicate with clients, the effect of last August's raid was felt long before Hurant entered his plea: One year on, the absence of the popular listings website has made their profession riskier, done nothing to tackle larger issues within the sex work profession, and has forced a lot of queer businessmen to think on their feet. Luckily, you'd be hard pressed to find more industrious folk.

Hurant founded Rentboy in 1997 as a site where men could pay to spend time with other men. (According to Lawrence v Texas, it is legal to pay for a person's time; what happens in that time is their business. The site carried disclaimers making clear that those escorts who advertised there were offering companionship, not sex, though the Justice Department says that was mainly what was on offer.) But it expanded into much more than that: partnering to sponsor the Hustla Ball, a "gay porn and clubbing event"; hosting the International Escort Awards (or "Hookies"); throwing dances, socials, and pool parties. "If there was something big and gay in New York, Rentboy was on top of it," said escort Ares Apollo. Through their nonprofit Hook, the company also offered 'harm-reduction classes' called "Rent University" on sexual health, financial advice, and business acumen.

The website was shut down following a raid carried out by Department of Homeland Security and NYPD agents on August 25, 2016. The office's papers and computers were confiscated, and Hurant was handcuffed and arrested while his house was searched.

Ares Apollo said he first saw news of the raid on escort reviews website Daddy's Reviews. He said that, that day, escorts were either trying to deny the news or claim this was "their Stonewall." But it was one of his own clients Apollo remembers clearest: a married man who had become a friend. "He had posted every day [on Daddy's Reviews] for a long time and he totally vanished purposefully," he said. "They had the credit card information of hundreds of thousands of escorts and clients."

Although the raid triggered protests and a rallying cry for sex worker's rights among the LGBTQ community, Apollo said that once charges were dropped against the employees of the site named in the lawsuit, "it was hard to keep up that kind of momentum and it fizzled out."

Bryan Knight, another escort, attended protests at the first indictment of Hurant. Knight has always been entrepreneurial—a venture into carpentry led to massage, which led to escorting—but the changes to the industry in Rentboy's absence were challenging. Costs for listing on the remaining websites (e.g. or "skyrocketed," he said, and efforts among those sites to mitigate chances of being involved in future lawsuits increased. "[They] made it harder for customers to call us directly; some sites even removed their options for listing our prices at all," explained Knight. According to Knight and other escorts, hourly rates were driven down across the industry as Rentboy's diaspora migrated to those sites that remained.

Like Knight, escort Abel Rey has relied on personal branding to ensure clients can find him online without Rentboy. He's hosted a YouTube series called "Ask An Escort" since March 2015 and kept active on social media, allowing past clients to find him via Google searches. But while Rey thinks business will always keep going regardless of which websites prevail, he says Rentboy represented a sad loss. "[The industry] has become a bit lonesome," said Rey. "Rentboy had good excuses for [escorts] to meet up and network, like Rent University, The Hookies and other mixers."

Kate D'Adamo, National Policy Advocate at the Sex Workers Project, a New York–based legal aid foundation for sex workers, said that it may have been Rentboy's work in the wider community that made them liable for prosecution. Others have argued it may have been down to an H1B visa application for an employee made in 2013. But if outreach and visibility is what exposes sites like Rentboy to legal action, D'Adamo said, that's a much bigger problem. "If safety information is silenced because, it's criminalized, that puts people at risk," she said. "There's a fear that's created isolation with serious ramifications."

D'Adamo mentioned RedBook, a popular website for sex workers to find and vet clients based in the Bay Area, which was shut down by the Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS in 2015 for "money laundering derived from racketeering based on prostitution." These are websites where information can be shared, reviews left and blacklists of untoward clients posted—all important measures that ensure escorts don't end up alone in dangerous situations—that today increasingly exist only in private Facebook groups.

Knight said that "there is no sense of community" in his industry now that Rentboy is no more. He misses the ease of promotion Rentboy brought to his work. "And they provided a sense of legitimacy and respect," he said. "We are what we are and we deserve respect for what we do. And sometimes, we individually have to fight for basic day-to-day dignity."

Knight, like Rey, said he's also made a larger push into social media, and is making forays into other interests—animation, graphic novels and music—to bolster his online presence. He said that despite the increasingly fragmented nature of his industry online and a depression in hourly wages, the turn away from central websites has helped him. "I don't have abs, I don't have a ten inch dick," Knight said. "Even those with abs and a ten inch dick? The clients get bored, they want to see something new after a while. So if an escort pretends they're a celebrity, that's probably the best way to handle the business."

Apollo said that not everything that came out of the Rentboy raid was bad. The sheer amount of press that followed demonstrated to him a larger public pushback against the idea that "rentboys are somehow not human, and therefore what happens to them is of no consequence to society," he said. "And there was an awareness that although our personal circumstances were going through changes, the world was talking about us. Perhaps for the first time."


Friday, October 14, 2016

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Former Rentboy CEO, Jeffrey Hurant, is Finalizing a Plea Deal Over his Prostitution Charges...

Lawyers for Jeffrey Hurant, 51, said they were finishing up details of the agreement. 

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The former chief executive of male escort website is finalizing a plea agreement after his indictment for promoting prostitution, his lawyers said on Wednesday, in a case that has outraged gay and civil rights activists.

In a letter filed in federal court in Brooklyn, lawyers for Jeffrey Hurant, 51, said they were finishing up details of the agreement, and asked that a plea hearing be scheduled for the week of Aug. 29.

The filing does not detail to which charges Hurant or Easy Rent Systems Inc, which did business as, would potentially plead guilty. Both were indicted on three counts including promotion of prostitution and money laundering.

Hurant and the company had both previously pleaded not guilty.

Demonstrators hold signs as they protest the arrests of
male escort service staffers in 2015
Noam Biale, a lawyer for Hurant, declined to comment. A spokeswoman for Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers also declined comment.

The potential plea comes a year after the August 2015 arrest of Hurant and six employees of, which authorities say was the largest online male escort website.

The website, which was founded in 1996 and targeted gay men, carried disclaimers saying its advertisements for escorts were for companionship and not sexual services. But authorities say was intended primarily to promote prostitution.

Escorts paid at least $59.95 per month and up to several hundred dollars to advertise on, which attracted 500,000 unique visitors daily and generated more than $10 million from 2010 to 2015, prosecutors said.

On Aug. 25, 2015, law enforcement officers seized evidence
from the Manhattan offices of
The case prompted criticism from some gay rights activists and sex worker rights groups, who questioned why prosecutors were targeting the service after it had operated transparently for nearly two decades.

Critics of the case have included The New York Times, which in an editorial in August 2015 said prosecutors had not justified shutting down “a company that provided sex workers with a safer alternative to street walking or relying on pimps.”

Following the criticism, federal prosecutors in February dropped charges against the six Rentboy employees. But they continued to prosecute Hurant and the company itself.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

US Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

US Navy portrait of then Ens. Harvey Milk.
The US Navy is set to name a ship after the gay rights icon and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, according to a Congressional notification obtained by USNI News.

The July 14, 2016 notification, signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, indicated he
intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206). The ship would be the second of the John Lewis-class oilers being built by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, Calif.
John Lewis-class oiler

The Secretary of the Navy’s office is deferring releasing additional information until the naming announcement, a Navy official told USNI News on Thursday.
Mabus has said the John Lewis-class – named after civil rights activist and congressman Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) – would be named after civil rights leaders.

Other names in the class include former Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren whose court ruled to desegregate U.S. schools, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, women’s right activist Lucy Stone and abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth.

Mabus has also named ships in the past for other civil rights icons, including the Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ships USNS Medgar Evers (T-AKE-13) and USNS Cesar Chavez (T-AKE-14).

Milk came from a Navy family and commissioned in the service in 1951. He served as a diving officer in San Diego during the Korean War on the submarine rescue ship Kittiwake until 1955. Milk was honorably discharged from the service as a lieutenant junior grade.

Following his service, Milk was elected to the San Francisco board of supervisors and was the first openly gay California politician to be elected to office. He was killed in office in 1978. When Milk was shot he was wearing his U.S. Navy diver’s belt buckle.

Over the last several years, there have been pushes from California politicians to have a ship named for Milk since the 2011 repeal of the Department of Defense’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” policy.

Naming a ship after Milk, “will further send a green light to all the brave men and women who serve our nation that honesty, acceptance and authenticity are held up among the highest ideals of our military,” said Milk’s nephew Stuart Milk in a statement to San Diego LGBT Weekly in 2012.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Criminal charges DROPPED against 6 former Rentboy employees

BE ADVISED that even though i just learned about this yesterday, 
this actually happened earlier this year on February 16th, 2016

(February 16, 2016 Brooklyn, New York) Federal authorities have dismissed charges against six former employees of the website, while continuing to move forward with a case against the chief executive on counts of money laundering and promoting prostitution, according to court documents posted on Wednesday.

On Friday, Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom granted a motion by the United States attorney’s office in Brooklyn to dismiss the charges against the former employees. The move came less than a month after the former chief executive, Jeffrey Hurant, was indicted and two days after he was arraigned and pleaded not guilty.

At the time that Mr. Hurant and the six others were originally charged in August, the authorities, who raided and shut down the website, called it the largest online male-escort service and described it as an Internet brothel that made millions of dollars by promoting prostitution.

The original complaint against the seven defendants laid out prosecutors’ allegations and descriptions of the service in lurid details, including a list of sexual terms and definitions they said they culled from the website. Though the site had a disclaimer noting that paying for sex was illegal, “the entire website is designed for the purpose of advertising prostitution,” the complaint charged.

When the case was announced last summer, it drew wide press coverage and condemnation by gay rights activists, who compared it to police raids of gay bars in the 1950s and ’60s, and criticized the federal investigation of a website that had been operating in open view for more than 15 years. The Homeland Security Department became involved, apparently because the authorities believed the site promoted prostitution across state and national borders.

A spokeswoman for Robert L. Capers, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, declined to comment on the dismissals. The charges were dismissed without prejudice, meaning that they could later be refiled.

Lawyers for some of the former employees whose charges were dismissed expressed relief.

Aaron Mysliwiec, a lawyer for Shane Lukas, a former chief operating officer, said: “It’s unfortunate that Mr. Lukas was ever arrested. But we’re happy that he’s able to move on with his life.”

Mr. Hurant continues to maintain his innocence.

“Mr. Hurant did not commit a crime,” his lawyer, Michael Tremonte, said on Wednesday night. “It makes no sense to single him out for prosecution.”

In addition to Mr. Lukas, the other former employees whose charges were dismissed were:

  • Michael Sean Belman, the director of the site
  • Edward Lorenz Estanol, an escort and former social media coordinator for the site
  • Diana Milagros Mattos, a former saleswoman
  • Clint Calero, a sales executive
  • and Marco Soto Decker, an accountant.

On Wednesday, Mr. Estanol posted on Twitter a picture of himself retrieving his passport from the federal courthouse.

“This trial has been nothing but a huge inconvenience to me, but now that my case has been rightfully dismissed I can start to put back the pieces of my life that were taken from me,” Mr. Estanol wrote in the statement accompanying the picture. “I am forever grateful to everyone who supported me during the past few months. We will meet injustice with justice.”

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gawker Re-Posting: "I'm a Male Escort, and the Rentboy Raid Is Horrible for Sex in America"

Last summer, the New York office of the largest online male escort service, Rentboy, was raided by the NYPD and Department of Homeland security. Its CEO, Jeffrey Hurant, and six other employees were arrested. They were accused of facilitating prostitution, among other charges. After the raid, a Rentboy escort and former porn performer reached out to Gawker, offering to share his experiences working as an escort via Rentboy (and briefly, in its office). I interviewed him last night for two hours and the results of that interview have been organized and lightly edited into the first-person essay below. The subject requested to remain anonymous.

The people at Rentboy weren’t doing anything wrong—they were doing something illegal. I think that’s an important distinction in this case. Really what they were doing was making things better for a lot of marginalized people. It’s like that line from The Simpsons: Their only crime was breaking the law.

Of course, they were facilitating prostitution, which in the United States is illegal. But the bigger question is whether it should be illegal. I think it should be legal, but then again, I don’t have an objective opinion. I’ve been listed on and off Rentboy since I was 19. I’m 30 now.

“I felt handsome and desirable for the first time in my life.”

I got started in sex work because my dick is big—10 inches long, and thick. When I was 18, Manhunt was the most popular hookup site and I would consistently get offers to do porn. At the time, I didn’t realize to what extent my dick size made me an outlier.

I was a freshman in school and I had been having real problems with my family. It was mostly control issues. I wanted to be able to live on my own, so I finally agreed to do a movie. I was so nervous, but then when I did it, I found it incredibly empowering. I had social anxiety and very low self-esteem; here was something that made me feel good about myself. That’s just how it worked. I felt handsome and desirable for the first time in my life, and it was a wonderful feeling.

I dropped out of school because I didn’t want to be there, and I got a job at a go-go bar in Florida. I experienced financial freedom for the first time in my life. Working at the go-go bar was exhausting and it didn’t pay very good money. I knew I wanted to try escorting, but I felt shy and awkward about starting. It was better money than I was making and it was a much better experience.

Eventually, I was able to go back to school. I graduated in ’08. I was able to supplement the limited work I could get during the recession without having to take a web developer position or something like that. I’m an artist.

Going from porn to escorting was a natural progression. Even back then, when you could make way more money from porn because it was all DVD sales, you couldn’t make a living off porn. If you do porn, you make money from appearances, but mostly from escorting. You do porn to advertise your escort work, because then you have a name and people look for you as someone to hire.

Porn doesn’t pay very well because porn can be pirated with impunity. If you’re a porn company and you try to file a complaint with a district attorney over being pirated, good luck. Nothing will come of it, except maybe you’ll get audited so they can see if they can bust you for labor violations. I suppose voters love that shit.

I’m friends with some of my clients, which happens a lot more than people think. If you’re the kind of person who this work is a good fit for, you have to like people. When a lot of escorts/porn performers get to an age where they don’t think they should do it anymore or they can’t really do it anymore, they go to nursing school. I think it’s partially because both jobs require the same sort of patience and understanding and the ability to not get grossed out easily.

Also, if you’re going to be a nurse and be any good at it, you have to like people. That’s what escorting is about. You see a side of people that sometimes their very best friends don’t see. It’s sometimes a side they’ve never shown anybody.

“There are clients who are amazing at sex and you’d never guess it.”

The things you learn about sexuality are fascinating. You see the prevalence of certain fetishes that people won’t talk about. For example, race play is more common than you’d think. You see really interesting permutations of sexuality. You see interesting relationship structures. It’s amazing how many couples hire escorts, or how may couples have an open relationship but only with escorts. The clear-cut boundaries and explicitly transactional nature of the interactions generally ensure that escorts don’t fall in love with clients. It’s not impossible, there are people I know in long-term relationships that started this way, but it’s not common.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about three and a half years. He was never a client of mine, but he’s fine with my escorting. He doesn’t love it, but he’s fine with it. It doesn’t cause fights, but every now and then, it’ll pop up in an argument. I’ll say, “I’m sorry, I wish I could stay home tonight, but I have to go make money. I have to pay the rent. You know this is the deal.” He’ll say, “Maybe you could have done more work this month instead of playing Civilization all day.” It’s kind of normal couple fighting.

I have people where I go in and they make me feel like I need to go back to the gym and stay there for a month. They’re in such perfect shape and so good looking. They’re hiring me because of my dick. It’s not, “Oh, you’re more beautiful than me, come on in.” I think they figure they could fuck around on Scruff for eight hours or just have someone come and give them exactly the experience they want. Sometimes I get guys who’ve never bottomed contact me, but usually I tell them, “I can try, but you might want to use someone smaller for your first time.”

There was a domme I worked with who would humiliate her male slaves by making them suck dick. It was really interesting for me. I’m super gay, never had sex with a woman. It was weird at first to have a woman there at all. There’s stuff like that.

There are people who are clearly on the autism spectrum, and some of them are great or interesting people but they’re just bad at that initial social contact. If they can afford it, hiring an escort mitigates that for them.

There are clients who are amazing at sex and you’d never guess it. Sometimes you’ll see someone and immediately you’re like, “I should be paying for this!” And then an hour goes by and you’re like, “Oh my god, I should have stayed home.” Sometimes you’ll go to somebody and it’s like, “You’re a little…round.” I’ll have a nasty, judgmental thought and then they’ll completely blow your mind. This job has changed how I look at people, and whom I’m attracted to. It’s broadened my horizons in a lot of ways.

I’m HIV positive, and I always share that information. If somebody wants to bareback, that’s the first thing I tell him. I list myself as a raw top. People will ask, “You’re clean?” I’ll say, “No, I’m positive. But I’m on meds, and I get checkups every three months. Since I’ve been on meds, I’ve never not been undetectable.” If someone’s interested in barebacking, 75 percent of the time, he’s on PrEP or also positive and fine with my status. The other 25 percent of the time, they say, “Oh, OK. I’m sorry, I can’t.” And that’s that. Sometimes we use condoms and sometimes we don’t hook up at all. Either is fine.

I was 27 when I contracted HIV. Before that, I always used condoms with clients, but I didn’t use them with the guy I was seeing at the time I contracted it. My clientele has changed dramatically since I contracted HIV. When you advertise as “safe only,” guys who are positive aren’t looking for that. They’re looking to bareback. Chlamydia sucks, gonorrhea sucks, but they’re easy to get rid of. Generally, it’s pretty easy to know if you have them.

I’ve only had STDs rarely, and when I do get them, I take time off. I think part of that is being a top. You’re less likely to get something if you’re a top. Most of the time when I’ve gotten something, it’s been from a fuck bud rather than a client. If you think about it, a lot of clients aren’t having a lot of sex. It’s not like they’re like, “You know, I have eight guys lined up today, but I need someone for the 1-3 p.m. slot.”

“I’m in the 99th percentile of dick size. If you’re in the 99th percentile of anything else, nobody faults you for using that.”

The way it worked on Rentboy is, as an escort, you’d pay to list. They make their money through listings, membership fees, and advertising. A basic ad is $60 a month, and they have a limited number of higher-ranking slots for more money that determine where you show up when people browse.

I charge $300 for an outcall. That isn’t necessarily for an hour—sometimes it’s longer, depending on the setup. Sometimes you get drinks before you fuck. You have to advocate to yourself for a certain extent but you can also determine: “OK, this is an enjoyable experience for me, so I’m going to continue it,” versus “It’s 95 degrees in this apartment. I have to get out the minute the second hand crosses the hour threshold.” In the latter cases, it’s rarely about the guy but the scenario. Maybe you’re really tired, or the place you’re in is filthy.

If I made $1,000 a week from escorting, that would be a good week for me, and there are down periods. For the whole holiday season, I’m usually not doing any escorting. In a typical year, it’s a $30,000-$35,000 supplement. I think I make less than a lot of guys, because I’m more likely to turn work down if I’m busy.

You grow to depend on the money you make from escorting, or even if you don’t depend on it, you get used to knowing it’s there as a backup. Without that safety net, it’s scary. Recently, I had an art show that did much worse than I thought it would. I spent a lot of money preparing for it, a lot of time preparing for it. It just happens: Sometimes these things don’t go well. I could still pay all my bills on time, though. The week after, I said to myself, “Fuck that show. I’ll use the time I would have spent filling orders listing myself as available and making some money.” And now there isn’t that possibility.

I’m lucky because I have other things I can fall back on. I have experience in web development. I won’t starve to death.

But why should I have to give up escorting? I’m in the 99th percentile of dick size. If you’re in the 99th percentile of anything else, nobody faults you for using that. If you’re in the 99th percentile of beauty, of course you’ll be a model. You’d be crazy not to be. If you’re in the 99th percentile of charisma, you’ll be an actor or an anchorman. If you’re in the 99th percentile of dick or tit size, you’re supposed to tuck them away and go for whatever your second-place attribute is? “Well, I’m really good at folding clothes, so I guess I’ll work at the Gap forever.” There’s something fundamentally unfair about this level of control over what people are allowed to do with their bodies when there’s no demonstrable harm that comes from it. Everything I do would be legal if there wasn’t money involved.

“Rentboy has made this a safer business to be in.”

In addition to listing on Rentboy, I freelanced in-office for them doing graphic design. I knew Rentboy’s CEO Jeff Hurant and he was aware that I was very unhappy in my previous day job. The people who worked at Rentboy—seven of whom were just arrested—were there for ages. People stayed because they believed in what they’re doing. They’re making this kind of work safer for people.

You very rarely hear about pimps in 2015. There was a time 30 years ago where that’s how everybody worked. Even escort services are on their way down. Rentboy, by the way, isn’t an escort service, any more than Craigslist is a used car lot.

And it’s not just that Rentboy’s intentions were good, their outcomes were good. What they achieved through this site, while illegal, was an absolute, unalloyed good. I don’t think that going after the least objectionable form of prostitution is going to reduce coerced prostitution. I hope people realize the level of presence Rentboy has in the gay community. Or, had. They had floats at Pride parades. Their Hustlaball is a giant party they have in five or six cities around the world. It’s a giant circuit party, basically.

Even though common sense dictates that prostitution should be legal, people don’t use common sense much when it comes to sex. It’s very hard for American politicians in our system to go ahead and advocate for something like that. What surprised me about the raid was I thought there was sort of an understanding. That probably sounds naive. In a lot of countries, prostitution is still technically illegal but as long as there isn’t human trafficking and rape involved, they stay out of it.

What scared me about this is I just moved my business to a larger space. I’ve been buying equipment and trying to ramp up production for the holidays, and I was depending on the income I get from this. It goes to the business. What’s going to happen? I have all these obligations.

I have a small client base, but I think some people might be scared. The clients are compromised in this raid, too. When you write to a Rentboy escort, it masks your email address initially. Since you can read your masked emails through their interface, there’s a database with that information, which is probably among the information seized.

That’ll also be interesting because there are important, rich people who use that site. Rentboy was the No. 1 destination for this kind of work. Celebrities use it. Political figures. Sometimes, kind of important ones. I had one guy, a closeted foreign politician that I like very much. But when I realized how important he was, it was almost a little scary because it was like, “Ooh, boy. He is a really big deal. Let’s make sure that this information is kept fully under lock and key.”

Rentboy has made this a safer business to be in. It’s much easier to pick up and put down since you’re not tied to a pimp. If you get a day job or want to move or get in a relationship, there’s no one there telling you that you can’t because you have to keep working. There’s no one telling you, “If you do that, you’ll never be allowed to list with our service again.” It gives sex workers total freedom.

I was joking with friends: Do we all have to pick a bar we’re going to hang out in now? Maybe we’ll have to start hanging out at the Townhouse and learning show tunes. This site drove like 95 percent of traffic to us. Obviously, something else will step in. I put something up on Rentmen after the raid just because, to paraphrase Frank Herbert, the spice must flow.

I guess I could lay low, but I’m starting a new job: teaching at a public college. I’m very excited about this. I’m 30, I’m at a point where if I want to keep escorting, I need to make it my career. If I were going to keep doing it and want to actually retire one day, I have to get serious about it. I could still do art, but I’d need to do movies again, and that doesn’t really appeal to me.

I was thinking that I could fade out on escorting while I pick up more and more classes, and then eventually maybe I’ll be able to pay for a vacation a year with money from my loyal clientele, but I won’t need ads up or anything. Now I’m like, “Fuck, what am I going to do?”

Friday, July 8, 2016

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

May is really National Masturbation Awareness Month...

All over the world, May has become synonymous with the act of masturbation because of an annual protest staged in San Francisco, Ca back in 1995. The official first National Masturbation Day was observed May 14, 1995, after sex-positive San Francisco retailer, Good Vibrations, declared the day in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired by President Bill Clinton for suggesting masturbation be part of the sex education curriculum for students; she was terminated on Dec 9, 1994.

Since then, Masturbation Day has evolved into more than just a simple protest but now aims to protect our civil liberties by making the public more aware of human sexuality, explain the benefits of healthy sexual expression, and destigmatise the sexual act of masturbation.

This Day of Awareness has grown into a month-long celebration now called National Masturbation Month which has consisted of a series of local community protests, workshops and other activities that promote masturbation.

National Masturbation Month may have started in San Francisco but has gained popularity worldwide and is now celebrated in various different countries all over the world!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gen X|Y: The Debt Generations...

Credit cards are hailed as convenient tools, a way to build credit and earn points or rebates. However, there is another side to credit card spending, experienced by many who pay less then their balance month after month and one that can lead to a downward spiral that is difficult to rebound from.

Generations X and Y, those aged from 14-42 are being hit the hardest. Unlike their Baby Boomer parents, they are more likely to start off their working careers already in debt. While student loans and other education related debt make up a great chunk of that for many, credit card debt is also quite high and on the rise for young people-some high-school students even have their own credit cards, something unheard of a generation ago.

So with all that money going to iPhones, PSPs, and the latest designer duds, is this generation just plain spoiled? Not so fast grandpa. Many in this generation are broke-or close to it-but the blame came be placed squarely on starting out in debt and having to struggle with high-interest rates, not on extravagant living.

According to personal finance counselor Sophia Jackson, credit card debt is an epidemic among the under-30 crowd. College students average $2,200 in balances on their plastic, says Graduate students have more than double that amount, and high interest rates translate into hefty monthly payments and long-term balances for many.

The bottom line is that most teens and young adults just don’t have the life experience needed to comprehend the implications of paying back their loans or debts when they take them on. And let’s get real for a minute, how can a 19-year-old student be expected to grok the reality of paying back thousands of dollars in college expenses when he’s buying books, food and clothes, excited about the upcoming semester, sports and college life? The numbers don’t have much basis in reality, and it’s a natural assumption to think you’ll be able to pay off the balances as soon as you graduate and land a high-paying job. Combine this with the fact that college teaches you nothing about personal finance and you’re facing a financial mess right at the start of your adult life.

Many will pay minimum payments on their loans for years, either not realizing how much is going to interest just to service the debt or simply not having anything extra to throw at the principal. With young credit, new credit or no credit, interest rates are often in the high double digits, lowering the chance of fast repayment.

Ironically, low credit scores from high debt-to-income ratios, high credit card balances and missed or late payments can affect your job and income potential. Many employers do routine credit screenings and background checks on applicants; security clearances are also in jeopardy for those with bad credit.

A weak economy further impacts your ability to repay loans. When high-paying jobs are scarce, many find themselves jobless for short periods or working lower-paying jobs than they expected. Without lifetime savings or investments, the younger generation falls into the trap of adding on more credit card debt or, at best, is only able to pay minimums on current debt and not get ahead of their bills.

Sounds pretty grim. But there is hope. The best solution is for Generation X to avoid new debt and pay off old debt as aggressively as possible, and for Generation Y to avoid the debt trap at all costs. It would be wise to put off credit card use at least until entering the workforce and becoming more familiar with personal finance, basic budgeting and personal accounting.

The young who are able to invest for retirement, rather than simply service their debts, will be in the best position for financial success. Invest what you can now, even as little as $100 a month will likely return huge dividends when you retire.

A basic understanding of personal finance, debt management, budget management and accounting will go a long way toward helping you avoid the debt trap. Learn how to manage your money and you may even leave a legacy for those generations to come.

Mint Tip: 
Pay your credit cards in full each month: The average American carries $8,500 in credit card debt. At a minimum payment of $100/mo, it takes 6.7 years, and $4,257 in finance charges before you’re in the clear.