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Thursday, December 8, 2011

NEW BOOK RELEASE, "Erotic Capital" The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom AND the Bedroom

Author: Catherine Hakim


In 2010, pioneering sociologist Catherine Hakim shocked the world with a provocative new theory: In addition to the three recognized personal assets (economic, cultural, and social capital), each individual has a fourth asset—erotic capital—that he or she can, and should, use to advance within society. In this bold and controversial book, Hakim explores the applications and significance of erotic capital, challenging the disapproval meted out to women and men who use sex appeal to get ahead in life. 

Social scientists have paid little serious attention to these modes of personal empowerment, despite overwhelming evidence of their importance. In Erotic Capital, Hakim marshals a trove of research to show that rather than degrading those who employ it, erotic capital represents a powerful and potentially equalizing tool—one that we scorn only to our own detriment.

Hakim proposes that in addition to economic, social and cultural capitals, each person, additionally, is or isn't endowed with  "erotic capital," subdivided into six different but interrelated "assets": 

  1. beauty
  2. sexual attractiveness
  3. social skills (like grace, charm, and flirting)
  4. liveliness (a mixture of physical fitness, social energy and good humor)
  5. social presentation (including dress, jewelry and other such adornments)
  6. sexuality itself competence, energy, imagination)

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