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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lohan back in court and being sued by the Betty Ford clinic for $1 million (USD) for an alleged assault on an employee

Lindsay Lohan made a brief appearance in a Los Angeles court Thursday (July 21) for a probation hearing. The judge said Lohan needs to speed up her community service to make sure she meets a deadline to complete 480 hours within a year. The actress has completed 33 hours at a shelter for women. Lohan has completed one shoplifters anonymous class and is having trouble enrolling in court-ordered psychological counseling. Lohan will have to return to court on Oct. 19 for another update. Lohan has another legal worry to deal with. The 25 year old was sued on Thursday (July 21) for $1 million (USD) for an alleged assault on an employee of the California rehab center where the actress spent three months in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. The former employee claimed in a civil lawsuit that Lohan:
  1. yelled at her
  2. threw a phone at her
  3. grabbed her wrist and twisted it
Of course the only reason this happened (allegedly) was when Lohan was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test in December at the Betty Ford Center near Palm Springs.


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