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Friday, December 4, 2015

My NEW sling in my bedroom!!

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My NEW sling in my bedroom!!

To maximize penetration efforts, and minimize any kind of restraint that may interfere with maintaining optimal body positioning with proper body angles and reinforcing good ranges of motion, the sling remains to be the most effective accouterments I've ever used in "raising the bar" in the bedroom.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mankind now offering a wide range of Designer Denim...

Inception Fuckhole Sheath

Inception Fuckhole Sheath [AD411]

Line your bottom's hole with this sleeve and fuck him silly

The Inception locks into your partner's hole for extra fun. Once the knob is in, the Inception should stay in place while you fuck him. No matter how vigorous you are, the Inception will absorb the friction. Meanwhile your cock will feel thicker and more filling to your bottom.

To insert, just lube it up, and use your cock to ram it home. Alternatively, you can use a dildo or even a vibrating dildo; in case you're planning to surprise your partner by already having it inserted.

Inception Multi-Functional Sex Sleeve Specs and Benefits:

Size: 7.25 inches in total length, 6 inches insert-able, 2.5 inches at widest point
Material: TPE
Color: White

  • Makes your cock feel bigger
  • Absorbs friction
  • Works as a masturbation sleeve