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Monday, October 1, 2012

Madonna Calls President Obama a Black Muslim While performing at a Show in Washington DC

The above is a video recorded by audience members at a Washington DC concert where Madonna was performing; the singer delivers a rousing, profanity-laced political speech on freedom during her show.

"Now, it's so amazing and incredible to think that we have an African-American in the White House ... we have a black Muslim in the White House ... it means there is hope in this country, and Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man," Madonna said.   

President Obama, who stands for re-election on November 6, is Christian (NOT Muslim). 

Later in the evening Madonna shared, "I was being ironic on stage. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim - though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don't care what religion Obama is - nor should anyone else in America." 

Since Obama's first presidential run in 2007, fringe groups and a scattering of opponents have promoted rumors that he is Muslim, similar to talk that he is not a natural-born US citizen. Madonna has been outspoken in her support of the president. According to media reports, at Monday's show and at a New York City concert earlier this month she ripped off her shirt to reveal the word OBAMA inked across her lower back.

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