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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here Are 3 FUN ideas for a $100 Savings Bump This Weekend

Today’s “It’s an Emergency!” saving tip: 

Stop scrimping and score yourself a mini windfall of $.

Here are a few fun ideas for a $100 savings bump this weekend:
  • Get paid to run to the post office, organize a closet, or buy and cook groceries for an elderly neighbor. TaskRabbit hooks up willing helpers with busy people in major cities throughout the U.S.

  • Even if all you’ve got is a spare couch, you can play the hotelier with Airbnb. If your place is in a desirable location, you can easily make hundreds by renting it out for one weekend.

  • Become a fashion buyer. If you’ve got an eye for style (and quality), hit up your local thrift store for a few items—vintage dresses, gently-worn designer shoes, charming housewares. With a colorful sales pitch and artfully-staged photos, you could be turning a profit on eBay or Etsy by Monday.
Investigate. Where could you find an extra $100 this weekend?

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