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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Stylish and Chic Sweaters on sale at

The Satans Sauce Knit Shirt

The Satans Sauce Knit Shirt by Insight is a great cold weather outerwear style for any wardrobe.

Regular Price:  $84.00
Sale Price:       $49.81 
Style:                5118502

Zoltan Long Sleeve By WESC
Regular Price:  $62.00
Sale Price:      $35.75
Style:           B401580

This stylish multi-colored sweater is perfect for whenever it’s just a little bit nippy outside.  Its lightweight construction doesn’t way you down while it’s warming you up.

  • Crew neck, gathered hem.
  • WESC logo patch at left bottom.
  • WESC logo stitched on bottom.
  • 17" shoulder, 28.5" length.
  • Size medium shown and measured.

Andrew Christian in the flesh (well, sorta)

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